Protecting Reputations Seminar: 28 February

The seminar will start at 6pm, per the invitation – and we will co-host welcome drinks for around 1 hour.  There will then be two presentations – one from NML and one from ViennEast, which are expected to last around 20 minutes each (maybe 30 minutes if there are questions).  Around 8pm, we will revert to networking/drinks – and it is expected that the evening will wrap up some time between 9pm and 10pm.

The summaries of the presentations are attached below:


On 25 May next year, the new General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) will come into force and will apply to the processing of personal data relating to EU residents for the purposes of offering goods or services to them or for monitoring their behaviour (e.g. for the purposes of targeted advertising) even where the party processing that data is located outside the EU.  The GDPR will therefore continue to apply to UK companies even after BREXIT.

Although many of the concepts of the GDPR will be familiar from the Data Protection Act 1998, the new Regulation imposes a number of onerous new obligations, among them: 

  • Data Controllers must now be able to demonstrate by way of a suitable paper trail that they have complied with the regulation
  • In some cases data controllers must carry out a data protection impact assesment and seek prior clearance from the relevant national data protection authority
  • Data controllers must now notify both the national data protection authority and data subjects as soon as they become aware of a material breach of data security
  • In some cases, data controllers must appoint a Data Protection Officer to oversee compliance with the Regulation
  • The rights of data subjects have been enhanced including the introduction of a "right to be forgotten"
  • Finally, the new Regulation brings with it significantly increased penalties for non-compliance, including potential fines of up to 4% of global turnover.

Unlike possibly in the past, data protection should now be seen as  “Boardroom issue” and companies should begin the transition process to the new regime now.

In this seminar we will highlight the major issues for companies and what they should be doing now to ensure compliance with the GDPR when it enters into force.


While the EU GDPR provides an "official" threat to companies and their security of data we shall also explain how hackers both legitimate and illegitimate exploit your on-line presence.  

From the insider threat that blew apart the techniques of the NSA to the activities of criminal groups, and the open bulk exploitation of social media, we shall set out the threats (and opportunities) and recommend some simple cost effective mitigations. IT security and Cyber threats are not solely for the CIOs.  

How long after the implementation of GDPR will it be before a CEO receives an email saying we have retrieved personal data from your systems that we will release on the internet exposing you to a GDPR fine, unless you pay me....."  

So come and listen to how an investigative company uses open access to learn about you and your company and how to protect from those who have less scruples and use enhanced techniques to commit crime. 


Places are limited and allocated on a first come first serve basis.  To reserve a place please RSVP to