Practice Areas


Competition law 

We have local and international experience in competition law and provide insight and solutions to the full range of our clients' competition and sector regulatory needs - in the UK, EU and beyond.  A business does not need to have market power for competition law to be relevant to its activities.


Corporate and Commercial

We offer advice on all aspects of commercial and corporate law, specialising in both online and offline agreements.  We assist our clients in a wide range of matters including; mergers and acquisitions, control approval, antitrust disputes and litigation, competition risk management and dealing with market and sector investigation.



Data Protection and Privacy

Our Data Protection practice areas advises on all aspects of data protection and privacy.  Our team possesses expert knowledge across the law and information technology, as well as e-commerce.  We have experience in handling corporate and commercial transactions with an intellectual property element and can therefore offer advice to clients on how best to protect their own intellectual property whilst being compliant with UK and EU data protection regulations. 


Defamation and Reputation Management

We provide expert advice on all aspects of defamation.  We advise on both 'pre-event' and 'post-event' defamation issues, regularly advising international book and magazine publishers as to the potential issues pre-publication.


Digital Media

We offer expert advice on all aspects of digital and interactive media.  We advise clients throughout all stages of the process, including the creation, commissioning and delivery of digital content, from online music sites and mobile phone content providers, to computer games and app developers.


Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Our dispute resolution, litigation and arbitration team offers effective and commercially based solutions to our clients to help solve commercial disputes.  We recognise litigation is a last resort for clients and we therefore also advise our clients on alternative types of dispute resolution such as arbitration and mediation where this could yield a more effective result for our clients.



We provide comprehensive advice and support on a full range of employment related matters, both in relation to disputes and corporate governance. We advise clients on everything from employment contracts, business restructuring and senior appointments to redundancies, terminations and dealing with employment related disputes. We also provide advice on human resources.



Intellectual Property

Our team offers advice on all aspects of intellectual property ("IP"), notably copyright, designs and trade marks.  Understanding IP is essential to the commercial success of a company so we regularly perform IP audits and advise clients on how best to exploit and protect their IP. 



We provide advice on all aspects of national and international online licensing, notably in respect of music publishing (as well as in the use of master recordings and films).  We have expertise in initiating and designing, then negotiating and finalising, digital rights licences in the US and across the EU.


Media Finance

We regularly offer expert advice upon the financial aspects of digital distribution agreements (music, TV, film, and podcasting), e-commerce websites, mobile phone content agreements, internet service provider ("ISP") agreements, satellite broadcast agreements and digital rights management systems.

Real Estate

We provide expert advice on all aspects of real property law in England and Wales.  This includes advice on property transactions (notably the sale and purchase of residential and commercial properties, as well as residential and commercial leaseholds) and specialist advice on issues such as land development, and rights to light.  

Trusts and Probate

We advise clients across a range of wills and probate issues, from estate administration to lasting powers of attorney and inheritance law. We also offer bespoke legal advice across a wide range of inheritance, intestacy trusts and tax issues.